Enhance your LFTL 2024 experience with our exclusive Pre and Post-Conference Workshops, led by renowned Pilates teachers offering rare and invaluable insights.

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Pre-Post Conference Workshops

Immerse yourself in specialized topics taught by industry-leading instructors. These hands-on workshops provide a unique opportunity to learn directly from experts in their fields. Gain exclusive knowledge and refine your Pilates practice in intimate and interactive sessions, setting the tone for an unforgettable LFTL 2024 journey.

Pilates Through Pregnancy and Beyond


This 3 day Certificate Course will give you an in depth understanding of the process the mother-to-be is going through within and the physical changes without that pregnancy brings.

Pilates through Pregnancy and beyond course will take you through the 3 trimesters, the "Red Flag" conditions, exercise recommendations, modifications and assists. Hormonal affects from pregnancy, birthing and feeding the new born as well as Post pregnancy training protocols will be addressed. Diastasis Recti, what it is and how to treat it will be discussed in detail.

This program is approved by the National Pilates Certification Program for 21 CECs.

Presenter: Ashley Ritchie
Dates: Sept. 21, 2024 - Sept. 23, 2024
Location: BASI Pilates Academy - USA

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Beauty Beyond the Physical


Explore a comprehensive workshop dedicated to women's wellness, with a special emphasis on breast cancer awareness. Delve into a multitude of subjects ranging from reconstructive procedures and the intricacies of the lymphatic system to osteoporosis, menopause, and lymphedema. Discover insights into maintaining mobility in the upper extremities, understanding fascia, and navigating the psychological aspects of illness. Uncover guidance on maintaining intimacy and relationships, embracing body changes, and adopting healthy lifestyle habits including weight management and nutrition. Engage in mindfulness practices, enhance body awareness, and learn strategies for coping with scars and managing fear. Additionally, gain valuable information about breast cancer organizations and be inspired by the remarkable story of Eve Gentry, a pioneer in Pilates who triumphed over breast cancer to achieve a distinguished career, as showcased in the Eve Gentry documentary.

Each day Alexandra will teach a Pilates class on the mat and apparatus.

Presenter: Alexandra Rossopoulou
Dates: Sept. 24, 2024 - Sept. 25, 2024
Location: BASI Pilates Academy - Newport Beach

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Pilates For Dancers

OCTOBER 01, 2024 - OCTOBER 05, 2024

This 4 1/2 Day Workshop taught by Karen Clippinger, M.S.P.E. presents repertoire that addresses key demands of dance and common imbalances, so that dance performance can be enhanced, and injury risk reduced.

Participants will learn repertoire on the mat and Pilates apparatus designed to improve upper back extension, turnout, extensions of the legs, arabesques, knee hyperextension, point of the foot (plantar flexion), ankle-foot stability, jumps, and carriage of the arms. In addition to learning individual exercises, participants will participate in a sample mat class with elastic bands, as well as a sample reformer class.

A course manual is included and participants will receive a certificate of completion and 24 NPCP CECs. This option will be offered at BASI Headquarters as listed in the schedule below.

This program is approved by the NPCP for 24 CECs.

Presenter: Karen Clippinger
Dates: Oct. 1, 2024- Oct. 5, 2024
Location: BASI Pilates Academy - USA

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Legacy Program - Honors


Legacy Program - Honors is the fourth and final phase of the Legacy Program.

The underlying theme is evolution and preservation, two seemingly opposed concepts. Yet Pilates cannot continue to thrive without both.

Rael delves into much of his own creations both in terms of the choreography and the equipment itself. Yet, it is always solidly and soundly grounded in the original works and principles of Joseph Pilates, paying homage to the founder and creator of the Pilates method.

This is a 3-day learning experience that includes 18 hours of instruction and learning.

Presenter: Rael Isacowitz
Dates: Sept. 30, 2024 - Oct. 2, 2024
Location: BASI Pilates Academy - USA

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