Tash Barnard

Principal Faculty

Day 1
2:00 pm
4:00 pm

Pilates For Children

Create effective and fun programming for children through Pilates.

Tash Barnard is a BASI Pilates Principal Faculty, proudly trained and certified under Rael Isacowitz 2001.   Tash is the owner of the successful and inspiring TashB Pilates set in 2007 in Ballito, South Africa. She believes that what is most important in life is to live with a clear and strong “WHY.” Knowing this keeps us present and encourages us to keep showing up even when the circumstances around us are completely out of our control. Tash is privileged to work with a dynamic group of women who live with an inner conviction that our lives are to be lived for something greater than ourselves, and this compels her to bring her best to people every day. To serve, educate and align people within their mind, body, and soul. She lives with a bright message for us all - be yourself, stay true, don’t compare, and pursue your fullest potential. She is a wife to Andre and together they are raising game-changing children as they build beautiful lives together.

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