Abigail Angkawijya

Senior Faculty

Day 1
10:30 am
12:30 pm

Healthy Hip, Dynamic Stability

Learn how to modify the exercises on the equipment taken from all BASI Repertoire to adapt to the need for hip joint mobility & stability.

Having years of being a BASI certified instructor, Abigail believes in withholding the principles of BASI that are dedicated to maintaining the true oore movements invented by Joseph and Clara Pilates. A former competitive swimmer and yogi herself, she discovered Pilates to be an effective solution to addressing her own sports injuries. Over the years, she has incorporated her skills and experiences into teaching diverse clients. Abigail is currently Senior Faculty representing BASI Pilates Southeast Asia, She runs BASI Pilates Academy in Bandung, West Java, and holds the sole distributing and sales rights of BASI Systems in Indonesia. She conducts multi-level BASI Pilates Teacher Training courses across Southeast Asia, upgrading teachers and herself in the evolution of BASI movements. When not teaching or practicing her passion, Abigail loves spending time with her family and her babies at home.

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