Find Your Athletic Tune: Technical Flow

September 29, 2024

2:00 pm


4:00 pm

September 29, 2024 2:00 PM
This workshop explores the creative process and rationale while combining dance pedagogy with the BASI Block System.
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Speakers on this Conference

Lynda has curated a fusion of key strengthening elements drawn from Ballet, Horton Technique, and Functional Training, seamlessly integrated with BASI Pilates Mat-work. Emphasizing harmony, efficiency, and precision, this meticulously paced workout harnesses the full potential of the block system across three spatial levels.

Participants are guided to tap into their inner strength, empowering them to navigate their movement choices, progressions, and reflex pattern adjustments for sustained vitality.

  1. Standing Progressions: Focus on alignment sets the stage. After awakening the spine and breath, accessible progressions of the flat back series, side bends, pliés, squats, lunge variations, balance sequences, and jumping exercises are explored.
  2. Plank Flow: Energize and connect. Transitioning to the mat, participants ground all four extremities, uncovering newfound strength and stability.
  3. Pilates Matwork: Efficient integration. Delve into the foundational exercises to gauge progress and refine technique. Through disciplined study and precise execution, participants cultivate a strong, rooted, and liberated body and mind.

In the workshop accompanying the workout, we delve into the creative process and rationale behind class programming, rooted in dance pedagogy and BASI block system principles. Demonstrations and practice sessions focus on exercise modifications and advancement, empowering students to discover their unique athletic prowess where challenge seamlessly intersects with technique.

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